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Polluter Corp. free essay sample

Polluter Corp. Polluter Corp. is a company that operates three manufacturing facilities and produces household cleaning products in the United States. The U.S. government grants this company with emission allowances (EAs) that can be used during 2010 to 2030. According to The Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions (FERC), Polluter Corporation records emission allowances as elusive assets with a cost basis of zero. The fiscal year is December 31. To control and decrease the release of pollutants, the government issue EAs to individuals to send out a particular stage of pollutions. Each entity EA has a period year label. Each individual can freely anticipate in choosing who they want to sell the EAs or from whom they want to buy them. However, these transactions happen through a broker. At the end of an acquiescence period, each individual have to deliver EAs to balance the individual’s actual production or to pay the fine to the governing bodies. We will write a custom essay sample on Polluter Corp. or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In order to reduce the quantity of greenhouse gas released, Polluter corp. is planning to update its services in 2014 with a cost of $15 million. However, this corporation will have need of emission allowances further than the owned amount. As a result, in April 2, 2010 Polluter Corp. purchased EAs for $3 million from Clean Air Corp. On the other hand, in preparation of the facility, it sold EAs of 2016 for $2 million to Dirty Chemical Corp. Required: 1) Purchase of EAs: The appropriate classification in the statement of Cash Flow in the Polluter Corporations December 31, 2010, for its purchase from Clean Air Corp as an Investing Cash Flow as in the balance sheet the company considers the EAs as elusive assets. Elusive assets are distinct in ASC 350-10-20 as assets and not included in financial assets. The EAs is granted to the Polluter Corporation from government that certainly considers as elusive assets by the Corporation. ASC 230-10-20 indicates that Investing activities include making and collecting loans and acquiring and disposing of debt or equity instruments and property, plant, and equipment and other productive assets, that is, assets held for or used in the production of goods or services by the entity (other than materials that are part of the entitys inventory). Investing activities exclude acquiring and disposing of certain loans or other debt or equity instruments that are acquired  specifically for resale, as discussed in paragraphs 230-10-45-12 and 230-10-45-21. By this I conclude that purchases of additional EAs by Polluter Corporation are treated as productive assets under the elusive assets. In fact, purchasing EAs should be classifying as investing as Polluter purchase EAs for future sale and also supporting the manufacturing. As a result, I conclude that the cash outflow to purchase the EAs is an investing activity. 2) Sale of EAs: Sales of EAs Polluter Corp. may classify the sale of EAs to Dirty Chemical Corp. as an investing cash inflow given the Company’s election to classify the EAs as an intangible asset on its balance sheet. According to ASC 230-20-45-12, which states, in part: All of the following are cash inflows from investing activities: c. Receipts from sales of property, plant, and equipment and other productive assets. As mentioned before, the EAs are treated as productive assets since they support the production of goods. Therefore, it is reasonable that the sales of the excess EAs will result in an investing inflow. Alternative 2: Inventory Model Polluter Corp. may also classify the sale of EAs to Dirty Chemical Corp. as an operating cash inflow because the EAs are consumed in the production of household cleaning products. Similar to the discussion above related to the purchase of EAs, the EAs represent operating activities as they are used in producing and delivering goods. Furthermore, if the EAs were recorded as inventory in the Company’s balance sheet under the inventory model, selling of the excess inventory will automatically result in an operating cash inflow. Classification under IFRS The latest regulation of how to deal with the emission activity is the IFRIC 3 Emission Right that is issued by IASB in December 2004. Therefore, until definitive guidance on accounting for emission schemes is issued, an entity applying IFRS has the option of either: Applying the principles of IFRIC 3; or developing its own accounting policy based on the hierarchy of authoritative guidance in IAS 8 Accounting policies, Changes in Accounting  Estimates and Errors. There are several approaches to deal with emission rights with different impacts on net income and financial position of the entity. The main treatments are The IFRIC 3 approach, Net liability approach, and Government grants approach. They are different in the aspects of revenue recognition, record basis, and liability recognition. However, all approaches have a common feature that the EAs are only intangible assets to be accounted for under IAS 38. Under IFRS, activities related to purchase/sales of intangible assets result in investing activities. The reasons are similar to the reasons under U.S. GAAP. Therefore, even though there are several treatments to deal with the EAs, the purchase of additional EAs and the sale of excess EAs by Polluter Corp are all classified as investing activities. Classification under U.S. GAAP The FASB staff indicated that EAs are finite-lived intangible assets based on expected use by the reporting entity. At present, the Company also records the current EAs as intangible assets. However, the SEC staff recently advised the accounting firms that it would not object an inventory model. Based on the SEC views, we are going to discuss the cash flow classifications under both intangible asset and inventory models. Conclusion Based on the above discussion, the classification of the EAs purchase/sale cash flow activities are mostly subjected to how the EAs are recorded on the Company’s balance sheet. Under U.S. GAAP, we believe Polluter Corp. can classify the activities as either investing cash flow or operating cash flow activities as long as it is consistent with the classification of the EAs in the Company’s balance sheet. Under IFRS, the Polluter Corp. can only classify the activities as investing cash flow because the EAs may only be recorded as intangible assets if the Company applies the IFRIC 3 approach. However, since the IFRIC 3 approach is not strictly required to each company, Polluter Corp. can still apply inventory/intangible assets models as it refers to the U.S. GAAP.

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20 Criminology Research Paper Topics on Criminal Behavior

20 Criminology Research Paper Topics on Criminal Behavior If you are tasked with writing a research paper on the field of criminal behavior, there are many areas of study and theories for behavior which you can use as a topic. However, picking criminology research paper topics is still somewhat tricky given the massive amount of data out there. That being said, below is a list of 20 criminology research paper topics which you might find useful when writing your next paper: Why the Examination of Criminal Behavior Helps to Handle and Prevent Crimes How Criminologists can Reduce Types of Crime with Criminal Behavior How Criminologists can Reduce High Levels of Crime Studying Criminal Behavior The Validity of the Rational Choice Theory Why Rational Choice Theory is Invalid The Relationship between Social Disorganization Theory and Social Learning Theory How Prison Encourages Social Learning Theory The Validity of Social Disorganization Theory Why Social Disorganization Theory is Invalid The Relationship between Social Control Theory and Social Disorganization Theory How Social Control Theory is Influenced by Social Disorganization Theory The Validity of Self-Control Theory of Crime Why Strain Theory is Invalid The Validity of Social Learning Theory Why Social Learning Theory is Invalid The Scientific Validity of Labeling Theory The Influence of Evolutionary Rewards on Violent Crime How Mental Illness Encourages Criminal Behavior Harmful Brain Chemistry: How the Brain can Increase Crime The Biology of Criminal Behavior: Whether or Not it is All in the Genes Aren’t those interesting criminology research paper topics? Well that’s not all because this great piece of material is also accompanied by the criminology research paper facts and also a guide on this very topic and paper genre. Below you will find an example essay written on one of the topics from that list. Sample Research Paper: The Validity of Self-Control Theory of Crime The self-control theory of crime is a criminological theory which focuses on individual self-control as a factor behind the commitment of crimes. This theory suggests that people who weren’t parented for before they reach the age of 8 have less self-control compared to those who were parented well at the same age. However, there are correlations between levels of self-control and the impulse for criminal conduct. Originally this theory was developed by two criminologists but today has been subject to theoretical debate and other empirical literature which has expounded upon the ideas purported in this theory and claimed it to be limited in terms of understanding criminal behavior. Originally the theory of self-control was an idea stemming from bonding theory. This theory of self-control was based upon the observation of the behavior and age. By 1990 this theory had gained popularity because of its empirical observations.   The two theorists behind this idea recorded that self-control was an important factor behind people who commit crimes. Individual’s self-control is something which improves with age but can be influenced by socialization, the loss of control one might say, and changing biology as a result of hormonal development. Additionally, criminal acts might be short-sighted or opportunistic. This theory shares similar attributes to the theory of ego depletion. One which focuses on the idea that people are more highly motivated to satisfy their immediate desires and pleasures around. This theory can be traced to aspects of self-control from a psychological perspective.   It was Freud who established the idea of self-control through the reality principle and the pleasure principle. These two principles referred to the each person’s desires for immediate gratification and the ability of each person to delay that gratification. Individuals have to learn the necessity of delaying gratification, something which they are taught by their parents as they grow up. Part of the reason they must delay gratification was because of the obstacles they face in real life. Somebody wants to immediately have cash or a random purchase have to delay the gratification of that purchase based upon whether or not they have cash in their bank account. They cannot impulsively make a purchase if they dont have the money now or can acquire the money through illegal means. This is something which is taught by parents and based upon the self-control theory, taught by the age of 8.   Those individuals who are not effectively parented and are not taught that they must delay gratification based on the reality of their situation, are significantly more prone to committing certain crimes in order to obtain that gratification. Following these basic principles the idea of self-control refers to the ability of each person to delay immediate gratification in order to reach bigger goals. This can be compared to the idea of a child who wants money for candy but rather than stealing that money and enjoying immediate gratification from the candy, they delay that gratification so that they can stay out of jail and achieve all of their goals they have in mind which might later on lead to a lot of candy. This theory presents a loss of control and characteristic for criminal behavior something which can be acute or chronic.   Acute low self-control means that it is not typical of the individual and it is something which happens only once. This might happen when a child is incredibly hungry and chooses to steal a piece of candy due to the hunger, something which they would not normally do. But chronic low self-control is when an individual participates in such activities regularly, something which becomes a central component to their life. In addition to this, a some supporting theory states that self-control reduces in large groups and in large communities more so than in the individual. This is something colloquially referred to as peer pressure, in which an individual who might normally not exhibit low self-control is influenced by the loss of control of the individuals around them which leads to participation in group criminal activities. While this theory does have a strong foundation in psychology it is clearly not comprehensive enough to thoroughly understand and mitigate the high risk of criminal behavior.   It has been argued that the major weakness to this is the fact that self-control was not defined separately from the tendency to conduct crime. By not doing this individually, the authors suggest that low self-control and a propensity to engage in criminal activities are one and the same. References: Culliney, T.W. Notes On Predatory Behavi Our In Rhinacloa Forticornis (Hemiptera: Miridae ).  Curr. Agri. Res. Jour  2.1 (2014): 01-04. Web. Hagan, Frank E.  Introduction To Criminology. Print. Kudlac, Christopher S.  Fair Or Foul. Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2010. Print. Lee, Jason W and Jeffrey C Lee.  Sport And Criminal Behavior. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press, 2009. Print. Walsh, A and Jonathan Bolen.  The Neurobiology Of Criminal Behavior. Farnham: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2012. Print. Wasserman, David T and Robert Samuel Wachbroit.  Genetics And Criminal Behavior. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Print. Yaffe, Gideon. In Defense Of Criminal Possession.  Criminal Law and Philosophy  (2014): n. pag. Web.

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The Fourteenth Amendment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Fourteenth Amendment - Essay Example For this reason, there were increasing inequalities in criminal proceedings between whites and blacks. The constitution had stated that one could only enjoy the fundamental rights if they belong to a particular state (Rife & Smith, 2006). The former slaves were not recognized as citizens of any state. There was a salient need for amending the constitution so that it could allow African-Americans gain citizenships in different states. Prior to the amendment, southern states practiced high levels of discrimination denying African-Americans an opportunity to enjoy their fundamental rights because of their race. The first section of the fourteenth amendment highlighted that states would no longer discriminate individuals based on race or ethnicity. The fourteenth amendment had positive changes in the United States because it allowed African Americans to be recognized as citizens through either birth or naturalization. Former slaves had the opportunity to become officially citizens of different states and be in a position to enjoy fundamental rights. Additionally, the fourteenth amendment served to nationalize the federal bill of rights by compelling each state to regard it highly. The ratification of the fourteenth amendment bill served as a milestone in the American history as the country would finally allow former slaves to be treated equally as the whites (p. 67). However, the amendment did not completely protect the rights of African Americans. In some states, African Americans were still viewed as lesser people.

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What benefits does a childrens hospice service provide Essay

What benefits does a childrens hospice service provide - Essay Example Parents' perception about the children's hospice services play crucial role in determining the qualities of such palliative care providers, since the number of families obtaining the services of hospice homes are increasing. Thus the benefits derived from children's hospice services are awaiting the feedback from parent consumers to continuously change the shape and identity of services. The medical prognosis may assess the nature of a terminal illness but cannot ascertain the actual time of end of a patient. This being the strength of medical science, the palliative care cannot be rejected outright as redundant. It is an opportunity to provide a very special care to the loved kids, who face death in the near future or at a distance, thereby implying the acceptance of a poor prognosis. The National Academies' Institute of Medicine, USA, has boldly suggested that all physicians in paediatric medicine should well be trained in the field of palliative, end-of-life and bereavement care to children. (National Academies Institute of Medicine, USA). There exists a hairline demarcation between hospice services and palliative care services. Hospice services are based on the philosophy of providing comfort and support to terminally ill patients and their families when the life expectancy of the patients is in months. Hospiceprovides support for the emotional, social and spiritual impact of the disease on the patient and family through a team-oriented approach of specially trained professionals. Most hospices have a set of defined services, team members, rules and regulations. Hospice programs generally offer counselling and bereavement services to patients and families both before and after a patient's death. Palliative care services are rendered on the same principles as hospice care for patients with life-threatening illness. Palliative care looks at the emotional and social issues that occur as a result of a serious illness and the effect on the family as well as the patient. Palliative care for patients and their families also involves the comprehensive management of physical, psychological, social, spiritual and existential needs. Palliative care ideally begins at the time of diagnosis of a life-threatening or debilitating condition and continues throughout the person's life. Although palliative care may be an appropriate part of treatment of any complex or serious illness or injury, it is vital in the care of life threatening and/or incurable, progressive conditions. Palliative care is also integral to all health care delivery system settings like hospital, emergency department, home care, outpatient and non-traditional environments such as schools. The interdisciplinary team collaborates with all caregivers in each of these settings, in order to ensure coordination, communication, and continuity of palliative care across institutional and home care settings. Palliative care services generally provide Access to an interdisciplinary team Strategies to optimise pain and symptom management Help with communication between family and the primary care team Enhancing quality of life with emphasis on meaningfulness Assistance with decision-making Coordination of inpatient, outpatient, and home care

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Drug use laws Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Drug use laws - Essay Example At the same time, the above-mentioned initiative does not touch upon workplace as well as the issue of drug testing, which means employers have an absolute freedom to test their employees, and they choose to use this right (Turner, 2014). Many of the employers decide to test their employees for marijuana and other drugs use for it is what is stated in their legally adopted policies. The main reason why they should do it is that such drug tests guarantee that employees are able to do their work properly and are not impaired while being at their work place. In addition to this, they should continue testing to identify those who abuse drugs, are not able to perform established tasks properly and, consequently, threaten the quality of work of the entire company. What is more, as employers and business groups state, testing for marijuana and other drugs can help create a safer workplace for in many cases safety at a workplace depends on people who are present there (Healy, 2014). In case an emergency situation takes place, there is no guarantee that one who abuses drugs can handle it. Finally, employers should continue to test for marijuana, despite it being legal in order not only to save employees but to be on the safe side when it comes to their businesses. In accordance with Raabe of the Denver Post (2014), â€Å"there seems to be a movement toward more testing. A lot of people are freaked out about the prospects of employees’ legal marijuana use†. In this regards, it is worth mentioning that the number.

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A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud by Carson McCuller

A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud by Carson McCuller Philosophy of the modernism and postmodernism period takes twists and turns at every chance it can. As the world begins to change at a speed previously unseen, people all over the world are confused and scared of what might come next. Though today writers have taken to the internet to show the world their ideas, writers during these periods expressed the emotions human beings felt through many different genres of literature. First a man must help those around him but then the philosophy shifts to a man must help himself to gain meaning in this life. As each man struggles to find a place for himself in the world, each man is also subject to the actions of others. So each man is a master of his own destiny but yet he is also a slave to the whims of others. This knowledge scares men, women and children all over the world. Yet human beings continue to find themselves among the fear. We all find meaning for ourselves yet sometimes questions arise after we find the meaning which defines ou r life. Some questions being: Is this the meaning I wasted my time on? Is this worth all the time I spent alone? In A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud by Carson McCullers these questions pop out to me after reading the tramps so called science of love. The tramp in the story had his heart broken by a woman so severely he believed he could never love again. While the philosophy of love today would suggest otherwise, the tramp wandered the country in isolation, searching for his lost love and searching for love itself. He believes he has discovered the science of love, his own personal philosophy he uses to define his life in the world. He never finds the woman he held to be so dear nor does he find another woman he loves as much as her even after he develops his science of love. The disillusionment the tramp faces after losing his first love tears down the natural beauty of what love really is. Natural not scientific I should say. Science can tell many things and uncover many truths but one thing science has no power over is the ability we have to love freely. This I believe the tramp fails to understand. The tramp tried to fragment love. Thats like trying to tear Mount Everest apart with a rubber mallet. It cant be done. Nor can you apply logic to love. You cannot apply logic to something that contradicts itself as much as love does. Yet the tramp did not realize this as he tried to break down love. The tramp tells the boy he speaks to I meditated on love and reasoned it out. All he reasoned out was how to believe he loved something or someone. He believed love was only one love. According to his science you could love a rock as easily and as deeply as you loved a woman or your child. This is not the case as most would agree. I myself have never loved my iPod or my car as much as I have loved my girlfriends or my family. The tramp failed to realize many things but chief among them was that love comes not from what others can give you to make you happy but rather love exists when your desire to make another happy matchs your own desire to make yourself happy. An inanimate object could never return the love that men chase, so this science of love is base on false beliefs. Another question that comes to mind after reading the story is how can you love an inanimate object as deeply as you could a person and then loss said object? Do you react the same way you would if your parents died? If my iPod breaks (again) you wont see me crying and mourning something that cannot be replaced with a few hundred dollars. While I wont exactly be thrilled to hand out that money, its easier than losing a loved one. Once again the science of love is incorrect. The tramp was isolated from the human world as he traveled the country developing his science. He tried to replace the love he held for this woman with a love for other things. As Thoreau once said There is no remedy for love but to love more. Perhaps this is what the tramp thought as he traveled the country. He could not love the woman who left him anymore so he began to love everything he could in hopes of finding a love just as strong as his first love. Although I could not find his last name a man named Jeffery once said Love never dies, even if you have found a new love, the sweet memory of the past will continue to hunt you for the rest of your life. So no matter what the tramp did the memory of his past love would stay with him forever. He might think about her less and less but she will never truly be gone from his heart. This is true to me because even though I rarely think of her, I can still remember the feeling I got when I held the first girl I ever loved in my arms. Suc h depth of love does not disappear we just become accustomed to the lost. Once again the science of love could not explain the true depth of love. The tramp should have labeled this theory on love as the philosophy of love because thats all it really is. To use the world science is to imply that there are hard facts behind the theory. This work of literature aimed to create a fragmentation and disillusionment of love. The disillusionment came from the shattering of the naivety of what love is. The fragmentation came from the attempt to apply reasoning to something as complex as love. While in the present day most would agree that this science is untrue and full of false perceptions, how it was received in the post modernism period reflects how the world society felt about love. With the rising of all the new sciences and the conflict of World War II, many people around the world were lost and searching for answers. At the rapid rate the world seemed to become engulfed in the war, people everywhere must have questioned when they were going to be swallowed by the war. So at a time of war love was a very precious thing. Yet what was love? For people all across time have had questions about love, and this story attempts to explain what McCullers had to think of love. In conclusion, while this story has a spotty philosophy on love at best, it does open the mind to think a bit about love. Love itself is an experience to have in any life we might imagine for ourselves. We all must understand however that love will strike us however and whenever it so chooses. Love is an emotion and all emotions rise when we least expect them. Logic cannot be applied to emotion. McCullers tried to apply logic to love through this story but like William Shakespeare once said To say the truth, reason and love keep little company together now-a-days.

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Translating 21 Grammes from screen to stage. :: Drama

Translating 21 Grammes from screen to stage. Explain how research material was gathered and used within the process At the very beginning of the devising process the whole group watched the film of 21 grams and in our first lesson we collected any comments about form, structure and content. We then started creating possible ideas and characters, and after a few weeks we decided we could set ourselves almost mini homework’s for certain characters or storylines and come back to the next lesson with some fresh new ideas. The first bit of research I did was actually about the film 21 grams and why the film was titled this? And what it meant? I then found out that when a human dies they lose 21 grams in body weight; we then started gathering idea around this such as the 21 grams being the human soul and as you dies your soul leaves your body. I also found out that an average chocolate bar weighs 21 grams so we played with the idea of there being a chocolate bar incorporated in every scene somehow, as we thought that having a chocolate bar in every scene would be a bit to difficult. Another idea was that maybe in the very last scene all the characters that are dead would be lying on the stage with a chocolate bar resting on their chest. But as we produce more drama and more characters were developing we decided that maybe trying to incorporate these ideas wouldn’t work and didn’t really fit in with the rest of our piece. The other main way in which we needed to do research was because we were using projection and we needed to get certain images and information. So in that sense probably the main storyline that was researched was the vicar and his wife trying to have a baby and because we had decided to use projections we needed to find picture of pregnant women and babies. We also use projections for the train crash so we gathered together pictures and newspaper articles. Nearly all the research for the pictures was by way of the Internet.

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Are Family Members Allowed in Code Blue? Essay

Allowing family members to remain with patients during code blue procedures has been a debated topic in the healthcare environment for many years. A great diversity in opinions exists on the subject among healthcare providers. A great diversity in opinions exists on the subject among healthcare providers. According to statistics, only 5% of hospital units have any type of formal written policy to use as a guideline for these situations. This lack of written policy has added controversy and confusion amongst healthcare providers. Current trends are moving towards allowing family members to be present during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other procedures. Studies show great disparity in opinion exists depending on the type of practice. Nurses are far more likely to support family presence than are doctors. Resident physicians are the least open to family members remaining with the patient during a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Should Family Members Be Allowed In Code Blue? Allowing family members to remain with patients during code blue procedures has been a debated topic in the healthcare environment for many years. A great diversity in opinions exists on the subject among healthcare providers. According to statistics, only 5% of hospital units have any type of formal written policy to use as a guideline for these situations (Doyle, 2007). This lack of written policy has added controversy and confusion amongst healthcare providers. Current trends are moving towards allowing family members to be present during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other procedures. Most healthcare professionals have been found to have positive feelings about allowing family members to remain during code situations. Studies show great disparity in opinion exists depending on the type of practice. Nurses are far more likely to support family presence than are doctors. Resident physicians are the least open to family members remaining with the patient during a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). One study done by the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, found that 75-80% of its physician members were opposed to family members being present during resuscitation or invasive procedures (Duran, Oman, Jordan, Koziel, & Szymanski, 2007). According to physicians, having family presence during resuscitation also has some serious drawbacks. Resuscitation is an intense situation; where every second is critical. Their major concern is that there is no distressed family member present that could interfere with the resuscitation efforts. If family members are present, this will distract attention from the patient and the care he/she needs. Not having family members present during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) will allow the staff to continue to work effectively in the midst of this critical situation. One question that is asked many times by medical providers is the following: â€Å"Is it feasible to implement a family presence intervention during medical resuscitation in an emergency department using national guidelines to ensure appropriate family member behavior and uninterrupted patient care†? For some, it is also believed that family presence throughout cardiopulmonary resuscitation present problems. Fear that the staff might be distracted from providing needed patient care by distraught family members, is a physician’s main concern (Walsh, 2004). Throughout these codes, many times the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) team demonstrates a quick ability to provide the best care under stressful and intense situations. Many physicians fear the cardiopulmonary resuscitation team will have difficulty controlling their own emotional response with the family present. Another point they are also concerned with is the patient’s code might be prolonged in futile situations because of the requests of the family members. This increases anxiety that an overwrought family member might hurt himself due to their reaction of the scene. If the family member faints, resources could be diverted away from resuscitating the patient. There could be accidental exposure to blood and body fluids thus endangering family members to other unknown pathogens. This then leads to a final point, but most valid point, that there is not enough room in an emergency to accommodate the family throughout a code. There may have to be a limit to the amount of family members that may be present in a code due to the small rooms available in healthcare facilities and the amount of equipment needed to save the patient’s life. In a survey, when asking several physicians about their opinion on having family members present throughout a cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a Vancouver physician stated: â€Å"To watch a team of strangers frantically shove tubes down the throat of a relative pierce each arm with large-gauge needles, or, in extreme situations, crack open the chest, would not only be traumatic to observe but could also leave the relative with a horrifying final memory. † (American College of American Physicians, 2008). As mentioned before, there is a very high percent of physicians that do not believe that this may be particularly safe for the patient. As patient advocates, physicians feel their main concern is first the well being of the patient and then the family They feel that the family will have an unpleasant, haunting, constant memory reminding them when the patient was at the worse time of their lives. In conclusion, bringing a family member to the bedside should not happen haphazardly but should be handled with careful consideration and define expectations. The best practice should be to educate healthcare staff during advance cardiac life support (ACLS), advance trauma life support (ATLS), and fundamental critical care support (FCCS).  The patient’s and family wishes should be honored whenever possible.

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Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen English Literature Essay Essays

Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen English Literature Essay Essays Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen English Literature Essay Paper Pride And Prejudice Jane Austen English Literature Essay Paper and her oldest sister Jane, because of the manner she see merely the good in others. Elizabeth get in love with Mr. Darcy, a handsome, tall, and intelligent, but instead antisocial individual, he is a good known work forces who belongs to a high societal category. The lone thing that she does nt wish about him is his inordinate pride, and that is why their relationship gets into many problems doing each character to see the other one differences during the novel and seeking to work out them so they can eventually remain together. Jane Bennet is the oldest of the Bennet sister, she is non the most cagey but she is considered the most beautiful and reasonable of all the sisters that is why she is favored by Mrs. Bennet ( her female parent, who is frivolous and her chief aspiration in life is to get married her girls off good ) .Jane gets in love with Mr. Bingley, a rich adult male who late moved to Hertfordshire, Mrs. Bennet accept the relationship merely because he is a work forces with a batch of money, but Mr. Darcy who is Mr. Bingley best friend, ever seek to protect feels their love is non equal and he does nt desire to see Bingley acquire hurt that is why he seek to divide them, but thanks to Elizabeth, Mr. Darcy realises his error and brings back Bingley who so marries Jane. The secret plan of the narrative occurs on how the relationship of Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy changes, it is finally distinct when Darcy overcomes his pride, and Elizabeth overcomes her bias and they both overcome their differences and judgements to fall in love with each other. The ambiance of the novel is really interesting because it is non a typical romantic narrative, and the people really had a different manner to act on that clip. Like the manner the adult females s in that period where really interested on the money, so they can hold a good life style. Another point is that it is non so deadening because the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy has a really interesting alteration, because of the pride of him and the bias of she, destiny makes a struggle with the features of each one, and merely by work outing their jobs, they can eventually acquire in love. At the beginning of the narrative is when Mr. Bingley moves to England and met the Bennet s household, there is where he talks for the first clip with Jane Bennet, and experience a connexion between them, evidently Mrs. Bennet is interested in that relationships, because she wants a good life style for her girls and that is why she make everything to fall in them, but she does nt believe in the sentiment of Mr. Bingley s best friend named Mr. Darcy who ever take attention about him. Mr. Darcy feel and think that the relation between Jane Bennet and Mr. Bingley is non love, and that she is merely interested in the money she will hold by get marrieding with him. And that is why he started to judge the Bennet household with a bad construct, and seek to divide Mr. Bingley of Jane Bennet, even though they are truly in both, and she is non interested in his money. During the development Mr. Darcy, ever do a bad justice of this household, but when he met Elizabeth, he started to alter his head, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth are forced to be in each other s company, in different state of affairss, and there is where he get down to acquire in love with her. But Elizabeth does non experience the same at him, that is because he is seeking to divide her sisters love of her, and she start to experience hatred to him, at last she changes Mr. Darcy s head and convince him that her sister Jane will be a good married woman for Mr. Bingley, and that she is non like her female parent, that means that she is non interested in his money, because he genuinely love him. Mr. Darcy changes his head and accepts the relation between his friend and Jane Bennet, so they eventually stay together. And between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, they eventually solve the jobs and get the better of their differences and judgements, so Elizabeth sentiment of him alteration and they can eventually fall in love with each other. I think the strengths of this book is that possibly it is non a normal romantic narrative like other novels are based on, and the failings, could be that possibly non everyone is interested on reading romantic novels. This book truly keep my interested, because of the manner it is explained, and the state of affairss that happen during the narrative, I can non state it impact me, because I do non truly experience the narrative moved me, it can be because, the struggle in the novel, is non truly possible to go on to me, and the manner the people behave on that clip is non the manner the people behave now a yearss. My sentiment of this book, is that it is a truly interesting romantic novel, that can explicate how times have changed, and how people behaved many old ages ago, at the same clip that it speak about the differences that exist between the pride and bias of two people, that by work outing their differences they both get in love. I do urge this novel for people that judge people before cognizing them, and the 1s that have a batch of pride!

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GIS essays

GIS essays USING GIS FOR ASSET MANAGEMENT AND FINANCE REPORTING Utility Companies can no longer operate as monopolies with rigidly defined service territories whose top priority is only to satisfy a handful of government regulators. In response to market pressures, utility companies are restructuring. The City of Safford (Arizona) believed, that if given the organizational freedom and the economic incentives of the private sector, it could out perform the private sector by operating more like a business. The result was Gila Resources, Inc., a solely owned subsidiary of the City. The utility assets of the City were transferred to Gila Resources as a part of this separation. This prompted the need for a complete physical inventory of these assets. Gila Resources chose to use GIS to inventory the assets over a flat file database because it quickly integrates information with location, creating a live database with various attributing capabilities. The major costs would be that of the actual physical inventory. Gila Resources would have the advantages of GIS with little additional costs. During the initial needs assessment, a few key features beyond the asset inventory were identified as integral parts of the project. They included infrastructure sustainability, reduced operating costs, asset management, better delivery of service at a lower cost, and financial reporting requirements. Implementation of an enterprise-wide GIS with an asset management component provides Gila Resources with a unique vision of current infrastructure conditions and the required revenues needed for maintenance renewal. Our goal through the use of GIS is to provide proactive infrastructure renewal and community needs. Gila Resources, Inc. provides water, wastewater, electric and gas services to 16,350 customers in its 100 square mile service area. Gila Resources hired the consulting firm of Global Systems Modeling to assist and direct the imple...

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Sexual harassment in the workplace Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Sexual harassment in the workplace - Assignment Example According to the Equal Rights Advocates, sexual harassment is defined as â€Å"unwelcome verbal, visual, or physical conduct of a sexual nature that is severe or pervasive and affects working conditions or creates a hostile work environment.† When reading this definition it is difficult to understand how people would do this within the workplace, but it is important to understand that this happens on a regular basis. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) states that in 2008, 13,867 cases of sexual harassment were received by them and 11,731 of those cases were resolved; 15.9% of these cases were filed by men. The Alliance Training and Consulting group found that in 2010, there were 11,717 cases filed with the EEOC and the eventual resolution of cases cost companies $48.4 million in damages. These statistics show that sexual harassment is not only a problem for the people who experience sexual harassment, but it also is very costly to the companies that are in volved. The challenge for many companies is that they do not know that there is training available for their employees which can help them resolve some of these issues before they begin. According to Pamela Mahabeer, a writer for AOL Jobs, although seminars are done to teach people about sexual harassment, it still is happening. ... Ellie Mystal, a writer for Above The Law, states that many men file sexual harassment claims when they are fired from a job because they are seeking a reason for their firing; many of these cases claimed that men were sexually harassed by other men. Another issue with sexual harassment is that it can be claimed that it creates a hostile work environment. In order to claim that this happens, it must meet two criteria: First, what is going on must be â€Å"subjectively abusive† to the person or persons affected and it must be â€Å"objectively severe or pervasive enough† to create an environment that other people would also find abusive (â€Å"Preventing†). This can happen in many instances and this often indicates that there are many incidences of sexual harassment that are being ignored, or that it is a constant harassing that happens over time. Sexual harassment is a very important issue in the workplace that needs to be challenged when it happens so that everyo ne can be in a safe environment when they are working. Works Cited Alliance Training and Consulting. â€Å"Harassment Statistics the Latest EEOC Statistics.† 2010. 29 June 2011. Equal Rights Advocates. â€Å"Know Your Rights: Sexual Harassment at Work.† 2011. 20 June 2011. Mahabeer, Pamela. â€Å"Sexual Harassment Still Pervasive in the Workplace.† AOL Jobs. 8 January 2011. Web. 11 June 2011. . Mystal, Ellie. â€Å"Sexual Harassment: It’s Not Just for Women Anymore.† Above the Law. Web. March 24, 2010

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Equality and Diversity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Equality and Diversity - Essay Example On the other hand diversity is used as a contrast to equality or an addition. It brings out the fact that individuals are recognized, besides group differences, directing positive value on the existing diversity in the community, and treating people as individuals. Therefore, diversity depicts an array of characteristics and conditions. In terms of children set up, it involves identifying and valuing the benefits of all individuals enabling them to fulfill their potential irrespective of their backgrounds. This is because diversity incorporates both the non-visible and the visible differences. Diversity encompasses the idea of respecting other individual’s differences basing on race, culture, national origin, region, ethnicity, socio-economic differences, family structure, and health values. Inclusion on the other hand is all about fellow children staff, visitors and administration. It actually involves the removal of barriers to learning and participation. Inclusion therefore promotes equality and eliminates discrimination. Embracing of diversity, equality, and inclusivity brings forth the proper upbringing of children with varied ideas, experience, and creativity whilst giving every child the opportunity to develop individually. ... se equality and diversity is vital as we are living in an increasingly diverse society thus the need to respond sensitively and appropriately to the issue of diversity. Each school is to set out a frame work of policies which stipulates the procedures and guidelines for ensuring equality. Therefore, before exploring the policies in a school gaining understanding of the relevant legislation and their purpose is important. The rights of all children are enshrined in the United Nation’s Convention on the Rights of the Child (1989). In addition other legislations that affect children include; Children Act (1989); Children Act (2004); Education Act (1996); Sex Discrimination Act (1975); Race Relations Act (1976) Race Relations (Amendment) Act (2000) and Amendment Regulations (2003); Disability Discrimination Act (1995); and finally The Equality Act (2010)(Casey, 2005:45-59). Discussion Bradford Play Strategy Group was a voluntary group tasked with working with over 600 children age d 5 years and above to 22 years. This is because the above age bracket is highly vulnerable to injustices of equality, diversity and inclusion. The organization had 80 play practitioners and various agencies that took part in the communities’ goal of alleviating discrimination to disabled children, ethnicity and sampling different playing facilities and commenting on their experiences. The staff was recruited from diverse cultural backgrounds. Was ensured that the staff had adequate training on equality legislation and inclusion for play or childcare and had the challenge of putting this training in practice. This ensures that the staffing is composed of a multi disciplinary team. To ensure inclusion and equality it is very important to parents and also it builds links with the community