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What is Social Entrepreneurship - 2052 Words

Social entrepreneurship is a term that is looking for a steady definition. The use of the term is currently vague and pretty much useless. The lack of a definition raises many questions about which topics fall underneath the idea of social entrepreneurship. To become of importance in the entrepreneurial world, SE needs to be properly defined and requires a subjective foundation. According to Brouard and Larivet (2010), social entrepreneurship represents a variety of activities and processes to create and sustain social value by using more entrepreneurial and innovative approaches and constrained by the external environment. Establishing definitions â€Å"will help overcome the vagueness of the concept of social entrepreneurship†. This will help encompass the existing definitions. This will also help clarify relationships between the different forms of social entrepreneurship. According to Bornstein (1998), a social entrepreneur is a path breaker with a powerful new idea who co mbines visionary and real-world problem solving creativity, has a strong ethical fiber, and is totally dedicated to their vision for change. So basically, they are a persistent mission leader. This paper deals with the different aspects of marketing and how it ties in with the social ventures. Marketing is the action of making products or services recognizable to the public. Marketing has many sub-categories including market research and advertising. According to Short, Moss and Lumpkin(2009), â€Å"Ireland andShow MoreRelatedThe Fight Against Poverty Around The World1394 Words   |  6 Pagesdirection is the social entrepreneurship. The task of the social enterprises is to contribute to the solving of the social problems and promoting of the people s livelihood. Social enterprises provide jobs for hundreds of thousands of people in the various fields: food production, marketing, credit, insurance, and transportation. The social enterprises open a variety of employment opportuniti es for the people with disabilities, marginalized groups, youth, and women. In many countries the social enterprisesRead MoreSocial Entrepreneurship And Social Innovation1502 Words   |  7 PagesSocial Entrepreneurship The term â€Å"social entrepreneurship† first appeared in the scholarly literature over 35 years ago in a publication titled The Sociology of Social Movements (Banks,1972). However, Social entrepreneurship has its origins in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when philanthropic business owners and industrialists like Robert Owen, demonstrated a concern for the welfare of employees by improving their working, schooling and cultural lives. Since then, social entrepreneurshipRead MoreThe Human Society in the Present Times and Wealth1199 Words   |  5 Pagessituated- means to acquire wealth has become somehow the holy grail of the society. As the front-liner topic in business research, many studies are done in the field of entrepreneurship with substantial liking and support. Alongside the vast topic of entrepreneurship, one of the most regarded is the aspect of social entrepreneurship and the advances of this discipline. The discourse community in this industry is geared t o see trends and analyze information from existing business systems. They createRead MoreEssay on Can Entrepreneurship Improve Africas Wellbeing Development1628 Words   |  7 PagesCan Entrepreneurship Improve Africa’s Wellbeing Development? Introduction Africa is one of the poorest areas in the world. Data shows that in some countries, poverty reaches unbelievable rates and people live with less than $1 a day (Ngwane 2003). In contrast, in some countries like USA bankers and CEOs earn up to 400 million dollars a year in bonuses and salaries (Enron 2005). On the other hand, entrepreneurship has significantly increased developed countries’ wellbeing in the last century. InRead MoreSocial Entrepreneurship And Its Impact On Society1633 Words   |  7 Pages Over the last few decades entrepreneurship has become the way many people have chosen to for their career paths. There are different types of entrepreneurship but there is one in particular that seem to be evolving in the world of business and it is social entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship has allowed the opportunity for change, considering the ever changing economy we live in today. Social entrepreneurship focuses on not for profit in order to create social value, e ncourage socially responsibleRead MoreSearch Of Noble Organizing : A Study On Social Entrepreneurship864 Words   |  4 PagesIn Search of Noble Organizing: A Study in Social Entrepreneurship Alka Srivastva studied the potential behind noble intentions and actionable social purpose. The reciprocal relationship between ethical behavior and value based activities depends heavily on the entrepreneurship mindset, personality, and economic values. Meaning entrepreneurship, when broken down, is about the person, act, and business entity. Alka Srivastva discovered 6 traits that he deemed universal of those traits the most impactfulRead MoreEntrepreneurial Behavior and Perspective1553 Words   |  7 PagesBehavior and Perspective Material Title: Defining and Measuring Entrepreneurship Summary The reading focuses on the definition of entrepreneurship in different contexts and on measuring the level of entrepreneurial activity. Entrepreneurship has been defined differently through neo-classical and economic literatures. Theoretical definitions of entrepreneurship reflect a diverse set of ideas about the role of entrepreneurship in the economy, involving aspects such as innovation, uncertainty-bearingRead MoreTheories of Entrepreneurship1647 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Entrepreneurship is a phenomenon that is driving the world economy today and aptly so because entrepreneurship is the process of creating economic and social value by means of taking risks, creating and exploiting opportunity and generating new ideas. Entrepreneurship is all pervasive and can exist in any industry and market. Also, entrepreneurship is not limited to creating new ventures; entrepreneurship also exists in large corporations like Google and 3M where employees are encouragedRead MoreStartup Americ A Government Initiative1322 Words   |  6 PagesStartup America is a government initiative that is used to inspire and produce entrepreneurship throughout the country. By holding the belief that innovation is the backbone of this country, Obama created this campaign in order to create and develop entrepreneurship. As a result, the goal is trying to achieve sustainable growth and quality jobs in the economy. Overall, Startup America is a process that believes entrepreneurship is a core American value that allowed for the country to be where its at,Read MoreEnterprise : An Entrepreneur Who Demonstrates Passion, Commitment, Technical Skills And Dedication Essay1436 Words   |  6 Pagesorganise a business to turn into profitability in a competitive market. It is the journey towards the innovation and to explore the opportunities to create and run a successful business to withstand in a competitive market. ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Entrepreneurship is a state of mind whereas innovation is the prerequisite of it. An entrepreneur discovers and exploits opportunities, takes risks beyond capabilities, uses intuition explores new businesses. Basically a creator who entities

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